Promise me one thing, that you won’t let go of my hand/chapter 1

Title: Promise me one thing, that you won’t let go of my hand
Characters: Luna (main), Jonghyun, Lee Joon, Taemin, Amber, Jessica
Pairing: Luna/Lee Joon (didn't happen in the story), Luna/Jonghyun, Lee Joon/Jessica
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,098
Summay: Luna goes to a new school and was infatuated with Lee Joon
Author's Note: I'm really sorry if this is a horrible fanfic! My first one ever and i don't really know how to write, but this idea just suddenly came to me so yeah :D And i'm sort of tired so my brain isn't functioning properly :X I apologise if you didn't enjoy this! Please comment, i'll appreciate that alot, kamsahamnida ~ Oh and not all the characters are out yet, Jessica will come in the next chapter i suppose, and there's no pairing yet! Luna/Lee Joon isn't supposed to happen, just in Luna's head :) Sorry if this is a little cliche!
P.S I don't follow mblaq so i don't know much about Lee Joon, i only used him because of Luna choosing him in one show i think :/ Sorry if i portrayed him wrongly!

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Twisted Sheets

Prompt Name: 05. Solitude
Title: Twisted Sheets
Pairing: 2min
Rating: PG (Total fluff but deep thought)
Word count: 188
Notes: In response to Prompt #05: Solitude 
Summary: Angsty Taemin reflects on his onesided love for Minho.
Fore Warning: Okay so I know this one is really short, but I just had to get this prompt out of the way so I could do the cupcake one which I promise will be awesome and filled with fluffy 2min-ness. I had no inspiration for this one so I used a short one shot I wrote a while ago... 미안합니다! But I promise the next one will be awesome and a little bit linked to Health Class: Key Style cuz so many people seemed to like it. Look forward to it!

"I still love you..."